Andrew Nordin | Artist Statement
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Andrew Nordin: Artist Statement   ~

I am invested in the problematics of painting. The pictorial and material choices, technical application, and various modes of presentation are the critical aspects I take responsibility for in my practice. While I believe the paintings I present are each evidence of an arrested happening, I also acknowledge that as works, they are hopeful propositions toward a longer dialectical approach rather than as examples of the endgame.


Years of working without settling down to take a position on whether to either more fully pronounce skill or accept an enchantment with provisional presentation has left a tension in the work. I am entranced with studying the glimmer and shine of cultural artifacts and master artworks from the millennia, while also practicing a “ramshackle” finish to my own works. This has catalyzed a tension in my intuitive response to materials. Also, it is satisfying to allow a painting a little freedom to diverge from the status quo of the body of work I have created, and this consistent inconsistency illustrates my imperfect, skeptical search for a dime-store sublime.


A longing for clarity compels me to spend time developing and researching visual compositions and surface treatments that can be applied to either traditional panels or more sculpturally aligned substrates. It also explains what might at first seem incongruent, finely finished surfaces in league with more casual approaches. It’s a process in which I am making things I want to see, and that tends to be a necessary exercise in failure, as my will to bring to form a scant visual notion using paint affects that mental example, resulting in the production of something completely different. And then it begins again.

Night Moves
Oil on Panel, 2013